July 1

Happy Monday. “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.”

Did it ever occur to you that nothing ever “occurred” to God?

The smallest details of our life are planned by our great God.

When Kind David was a prisoner of the Philistines (Psalms 56:8) he wrote, “Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?”

Does He bottle our tears? Know our wandering? Know even the smallest details of our life?

According to John 10:3, God knows His sheep by name. Our Shepherd knows us intimately.

What a personal God we have. This should help to eliminate the many anxieties that happen daily.

Recently I lost a small item that was important to me. I prayed about it, exhausted all means I knew to find it. Finally, I decided my carelessness had caught up with me.

Days later, I was thinking of a bag of clothing, etc., I was preparing to send to the Salvation Army. A small purse came to my mind.

You guessed it! When I looked, I found the item in that purse.

Coincidence? No!

The One who names the stars, ten billion trillion of them, cares and binds up wounds. Psalms 147:3-4medium_3741816315

Do you need this reality in your life today? Receive it—you are precious to God.

“He cares for you
He cares for you,
He ever loves and cares for you.
He’ll do what no one else can do
For Jesus cares for you.
–Frank Garlock

Thank you for all of your comments. I enjoy reading every message and hearing from my friends.

22 thoughts on “July 1

  1. Dear Mrs. Hyles: I’ve had a similar experience recently with much concern and frustration for several days. Then God told me where to look – and there the “lost” was found. Thank you for this reminder to turn to Him for all our needs. And thank you for your Mondays with Beverly”.


  2. I am presently going through a huge trial and really needed this thought this morning. I loved the illustration about the lost item. That really brought the thought home to me. Thank you for sharing your heart. I see you years of wisdom and walk with God with each one.


  3. I am always happily surprised to open my e-mail on Mondays and see your blog post. I enjoy your thoughts and appreciate you very much.


  4. Hello Mrs. Hyles,
    Thank you so much for these post the last month. This past week My Mother was diognosed with Breast Cancer. This has been very hard for my family and today’s post was just what I needed. Thanks for continueing to teach me. I sure do miss you!!!!

    With Love,
    Michelle Fox


  5. Thx for the sweet reminders of our sweet God. My hubby was preaching last night and reminded us that God’s omnipresence means he’s bigger than this vast universe that we know of, and also as small as the atom, and how He wants to be a part of every area of our lives.


  6. Thank you for this, Mrs Hyles!! I love you so much and count it a privilege to still hear your teachings! – Helen Callaghan


  7. Oh my goodness! You did it again! This is just what I need today. Thank you. XOXO
    I pray you are as blessed today as you have been to me.


  8. Dear Mrs. Hyles,

    Thank you for allowing God to use you through the “Monday with Beverly” blog. In the busyness of this world, God’s Word and your words are a breath behind the sail of many souls. God looks for that boat idle on a lake, longing for a wind of encouragement.

    I loved your statement, “The smallest details of our life are planned by our great God.” Indeed they are! In fact, I have grown to learn the following: small things perplex us greatly. Moreover, God uses the little things to show us just how BIG He is.

    Your article was a refresher course; in His greatness, His care, and His unique ability to do only what He can, when we have done all we could. This is such a picture of grace, mercy, and truth. He desires to develop our beauty. Who we are is more important than what we have.

    I am delighted and appreciate that God led you to find what you misplaced, just as He led you to uncover these great truths for us all.

    Gratefully Yours,

    Deborah Choma


  9. Thank you so much for this reminder! I am so totally in awe of just how much He cares for me. Yesterday He sent a baby Blue jay to my front porch just to remind me of His love. I told my children,”There is no amount of money we could pay to experience God’s wonders of creation!” I love you and am praying for you!


  10. You have always had a way of comforting me with Gods promises that I tend to forget sometimes. Thank you for being there for me. I look forward to your blog every Monday morning. Have a wonderful 4th of July!!


  11. Thank you, so much for your Monday blessings! Every post has a relatable truth! How I look forward to these brief Monday visits!!! ❤


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