July 15

Happy Monday. Did you “dress for success” today?

Several years ago much was being said about how dressing appropriately would help in “getting ahead,” “landing a better job,” “getting the attention one deserved,” etc.

The quote “your clothes say it for you” was used a lot.

Though I don’t believe that ever was to convey extremes or expensive clothes, good grooming surely is a must.

A woman I once saw in a department store comes to my mind. I took a second look at a beautifully dressed lady, nice hair, slim body…was she a model?

Then she opened her mouth, very unkindly, to a clerk and suddenly she was unkempt, mousy, and not a “model” type.medium_4532649009

She had forgotten to put on manners and it was evident. Perhaps she was only revealing a troubled spirit.

Maybe we have each one had a day we don’t want to be nice—so there! A smile is too hard.

We are told in Isaiah 61:3 that we may have a “garment of praise” instead of a spirit of heaviness. But we have to put it on!

Colossians 3:12-14 tells God’s children what to “put on,” starting with kindness and culminating with charity or love.

But some days these things don’t seem to fit as well.

Maybe that could be because we forgot the first garment, the whole armor of God, in order to stand against all the negatives thrown at us.

Isaiah 61:10 says we are given a “garment of salvation.”

A new hymn I play in my car regularly says:

“His robe for mine
A wonderful exchange.”

Whose robe is the world seeing?

The late Adrian Rogers said, “Love is kindness in shoe leather.” I like that and want kindness to go with every step I take.

When I was a little girl in Dallas, a man had a radio broadcast at the end of which he always sang this song:

“If I have wounded any soul today,
If I have caused one foot to go astray,
If I have walked in my own willful way,
Dear Lord, forgive.”

A good prayer, don’t you think?

15 thoughts on “July 15

  1. August 5, 2013

    Mrs. Hyles,

    A friend sent your blog to me & I am happy to find out you have one!! I have attended several Pastor’s schools in the past & love both Dr. Hyles & you!!


  2. Thank you , Mrs. Hyles….” A garment of praise’ INSTEAD of a spirit of heaviness…” A great reminder for my week. Love you!! I promise I can hear you speaking and what a blessing it is! Debbie


  3. What a wonderful truth. I see you as the lady with kindness as she walks through life…
    This will be tucked away for a good reminder as I walk through my days as well. Love you, Nancy


  4. Thank you Mrs.Hyles. This is an amazing truth that I sometimes forget. Thank you reminding us of the simple yet important things we forget sometimes. Sure do Love you.


  5. Thank you for this; I needed it today!!! I’m trying to be kind in the caregiving role; I needed an extra reminder today of God’s help in that arena. I LOVE hearing from you every Monday…a special treat to me.


  6. I have always loved that poem. My Grandmother taught it to me as a small child. I think it is a song. Thank you for your encouraging words filled with love and encouragement,


  7. Mrs. Hyles, down through the years you have been a fine example of having on the full armor of God, always a kind friend with a sweet smile on every occasion. Thank you for your testimony!


  8. Thank you for doing this Mrs. Hyles. You have no idea what a blessing you are when starting the work week. I know I need to be reminded of this truth often.


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