August 19

Happy Monday. “Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming.” –Helen Keller

I recently was scanning my book shelves and my eyes saw the book The Gift of Pain and next to it How to Stop the Pain.

It spoke to me that there is a lot of pain both physical and emotional.

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Ask one who knows about leprosy and they will tell you that pain has a definite purpose. We touch a scalding hot pan and pain says, “Let go.” Lepers become numb to this signal and great damage can be done.

Pain helps the doctor with his diagnosis and it teaches us when good days come. We enjoy them more.

I don’t know who first said it, but “pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.” This is so true of the emotional hurts that come.

Before we incur too much damage we must learn to “let go.”

Several years ago one special verse gave me guidelines to help with the pain you can’t see. Using the fingers on one hand helps me remember these five things—and they work! Isaiah 41:10

  1. I must not fear for I’m not alone. Psalm 27:1
  2. There is no need for dismay or apprehension for it is Jehovah God who is there. Joshua 1:9
  3. When I am weak, He will be my strength. 2 Corinthians 12:10
  4. When I need help, He runs to my aid. Hebrews 13:6
  5. When I am about to “faint,” He holds me with His mighty right hand. Isaiah 40:28-31

Can we trust that these promises are for us to lean on? God, who cannot lie, gave them to us in His unchanging word.

We can trust the One who died for us.

17 thoughts on “August 19

  1. Thank you so much for your Monday love notes to us each week. This post needs no explanation or addition. Because of God using YOU, I was able to forward this to someone in need of encouragement today and I know it will be a great help to her. Thank you for allowing God to continue to use you for others, and for sharing God’s love so beautifully and truthfully.


  2. Thank you for the encouraging words! I look forward to your words each week. I am going through some struggles at this time, and I needed the encouragement.


  3. Dear Mrs. hyles, How I miss the old days in our church, when brother Hyles would walk into the room and you could hear a pin drop, as they say. I’m 69 now and live in Florida. I have a great church here, but my memories of First Baptist Church in Hammond, you and brother Hyles are forever etched in my mind and heart. Thank you for still giving of yourself. Love, Patty


  4. DEAR Mrs. Hyles…Thank you again & again for FAITHFULLY caring and sharing for your love of Jesus and us!!!! I love you too and am praying for you too & THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for your prayers for me and mine!!! Have a wonderful day! Sincerely, Jan Romans 8:26-39


  5. Thank you Mrs. Hyles! I’ve enjoyed reading your post every Monday. I sang “He Won”t Discard the Pieces” in church yesterday and as I was practicing I thought of your dear, sweet, Becky and the pain she has had to “overcome.” What a great God we have to lean on! I love you!


  6. I love this thought. You can have pain without suffering! You really challenge me each week. Thank you for the posts. Your teaching is great!!!!!


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