November 25

Happy Monday and Happy Thanksgiving.medium_4102336245

Are you “counting your blessings” as the hymn suggests?

The late evangelist Gipsey Smith said of this song, “Men sing it, boys whistle it, moms rock babies as they sing it.”

I’m so glad we have a season set aside to really concentrate on being grateful.

This has come very easily to me this past week.

Let me preface this by saying, “Texas is slow!” No, not in the way you might be thinking, but in seasons.

Our trees are at the height of fall color. As I have driven this week, I have gasped at the burnt oranges, reds, golds and have realized once again, the firmament shows God’s handiwork.

I couldn’t help but say over and over, “Thank you Lord for the beauty you made for us to enjoy.”

I think God smiled because our praise pleases him. Psalms 69:30,31

Then I ask, “Why not see that beauty every day, even in things that we might not really call beautiful? It all comes from His hand!

Just as it did for Paul and Silas when they sang praises in the midnight hour, it will open prison doors, doors of worry, cares, discontent.

It works! Try it!

Here is some “food for thought”:

“I Am Thankful”
–author unknown

For the spouse who complains that dinner is late,
Because it means he is at home with me.
For the teen who complains of chores,
Because it means he isn’t out on the streets.
For the clothes that are a little snug,
Because it means I have enough to eat.
For the lawn that needs mowing, the windows that need cleaning,
Because it means I have a home.
For the complaints I hear about government,
Because it means I have freedom of speech.
For the lady behind me who sings off key,
Because it means I can hear.
For the alarm that goes off too early,
Because it means I am alive!”

Finally, every negative usually has a positive. Be thankful.

12 thoughts on “November 25

  1. Thank u for taking your time to be a blessing to us all by writing here!
    So priviledged to have had you as my teacher my freshman year Fall’93-may God bless-Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Thank you! Loved the reminder to be thankful for all the little things as well as the big. What a tremendous reminder of the blessings God gives! Thank you for sharing your heart with us.


  3. I’m so very thankful for this blog; what a grand idea it is!! It’s such a blessing to be back “in touch” with you. Your thoughts are very encouraging and helpful. On Sunday when Br. Ed Wolber sang at church, my mind traveled back to the days at FBC when you and he sang such beautiful duets. Precious Memories. I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving, too!


  4. Happy Thanksgiving Mrs. Hyles! You are the best and thanks so much for taking time to write these each week. I really do appreciate your thoughts.


    • Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving Mrs. Hyles. This is my favorite holiday of the year. The colors outside, the turkey and all the trimmings and family. As usual Monday with Beverly is right on target. The list you gave about things to be thankful for gave me much food for thought. Thank you for taking the time to help ladies like me. Love Ya, Mrs. Lee Ann Gray


  5. Thanking God for you Mrs. Hyles,, love you, , and your wonderful family, God used them for His honor and glory, to work in my heart, and life, truly I’m thankful to God for the ministry He give to the Hyles family. May the Lord bless and keep you in His tender loving care Acts 5:4 HAC 91


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