December 8, 2013

Happy Monday. “We are the clay, and thou our potter.” Isaiah 64:8

I enjoyed last week as we observed the birthday of our “first born.” Becky was born to Dr. Hyles and me in Marshall, Texas and had the privilege of being a PK (preacher’s kid) in four pastorates.

She survived! And in a fine way.

I decided to make her favorite cake for her special day. It’s called, “The Best Ever Chocolate Cake.” And it is! No question!medium_3096628669

The recipe has several ingredients, some of which I don’t really like. I’ve learned, however, that you don’t change the recipe if a wonderful, decadent cake is what you want.

Baking is a science (I learned the hard way) and the finest ingredients are to be used, following directions correctly.

Also, the correct temperature and time are important for the end result to be what you have planned.

Perhaps you can see where I’m headed.

We are approaching the end of another year (where did it go?). As I reflect back not only on 2013, but life itself, I can see a work still being done in me.

Many times in scripture we are referred to as clay and God the Potter, who is molding us according to a predetermined plan. He is always working.

According to Jeremiah 29:11 His finished project is good!

For an ugly piece of clay to become a beautiful, useful vessel, there are times each one wants to shout, “Stop, it hurts!” And it seems to get hotter.

However, our Potter has a definite plan. At times, when the pottery has become marred, He makes it over again until it pleases Him. Jeremiah 18: 3,4

In His plan, all the time needed is taken to bring each to completion–that of seeing Himself reflected in each one.

He who began a good work will perform it. Philippians 1:6

So, I say, “Pardon my mess! I’m a work in progress.”

8 thoughts on “December 8, 2013

  1. Thanks so much; a wonderful reminder! (Note to administrator: There is a video ad on my screen which I don’t think you would want there!! It seems like perhaps it could be part of Mrs. Hyles’ blog until it’s turned on.)


  2. Dear Mrs. Hyles, Thank you so much for such an encouraging thot!!! and just yesterday in Sunday School, THEE GREATEST Sunday School teacher, Jane Grafton, 🙂 taught us on how we can be encouraged in the Lord as we rest on our faith in the FACT that He IS still working on us all and that He WILL accomplish that which He has begun in us and our loved ones as long as we’re still breathing!!! 🙂 and so we can REJOICE!!! Love you too!!! Have a wonderful day!! love & prayers… Jan Romans 8:26-39


  3. Good morning Mrs. Hyles. Thank you for another Monday with Beverly. I was amazed that you wrote that our Lord is still working on you. I have always looked on you as a finished lady. Thank you for that as I face my future. Your cake looks so good. Could you post the receipt? Have a great day. Love ya. Mrs. Lee Ann Gray


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