March 10, 2014

Happy Monday. If March is here, can spring be far behind?

After this winter of very harsh cold, snow, and ice, spring will be a welcome season. I heard some kind of bird this morning calling loudly, as if to announce, “I’m here, waiting for warmth and sunshine.”

March can be a stormy time. Some might be thinking, “It’s been March for a long time with me.”

The first storm ever recorded was when God told Noah to prepare for a lengthy one.

As I refreshed my memory of the event, I was reminded that Noah and his family entered the ark he had built by God’s specifications, along with the animals he was to take.

A statement jumped out at me. In Genesis 7:16 it says, “And the Lord shut him in.”

Shut him in? God?

A storm raged around them forty days and nights.

But peace and safety were where God had put Noah.

Recall that only one window was in the boat–above!

The only way to look was up!

Last week a storm arose in our family as my first grandchild, Trina Beebe, had surgery for lung cancer.

A crisis we didn’t want, but one where we were “shut in” and could only “look up” was ours.

I recall that God’s sign to Noah that the storm was over was a rainbow, a promise of calm.medium_2580325511

So many promises are ours for the taking when it is storming around us.

However, we received a brilliant rainbow when the surgeon reported, “Benign! No cancer!”

Perhaps your rainbow hasn’t appeared yet.

Remember, storms don’t last forever. And there are promises to cling to.

When Jesus’ disciples went through a great storm, they questioned if Jesus cared, the “why” question. He answered by speaking to the storm.

“Peace, be still.”

And the wind ceased and there was a great calm.

Let Him speak to your storm.

11 thoughts on “March 10, 2014

  1. This week I read the Monday post on Wednesday…just the day when I had a very special personal need for this message! God is so good. Thanks, as always, for your great wisdom and encouragement.


  2. SO happy to hear such a good report on Trina!!! Praise The Lord!!! I know the relief that comes when the doctor says, “No cancer!” God is ALWAYS good!!!


  3. So glad for the good report for Trina! I had the biggest male cardinal at my kitchen window this morning! He just stayed and stared at me as I stared and looked at him! It was like he was sent from God–“I love you!” I was glad to hear HIS voice…and then YOU “chirped” in and reinforced His sweet message…Peace, be still!
    Love you, Mrs. Hyles!


  4. I love you, Mrs. Hyles! Thank you for not only reminding us of the window being up in Noah’s Ark, but for sharing an encouraging testimony of how God brought you and your family through a recent storm with his peace calm and sweet victory. Thank you for looking up to Him and for pointing us to Him also. Happy day friend!


  5. So happy for your family with this good news. I could identify with this. 10 days ago my husband had emergency surgery to remove a brain mass. We have been on pins and needles waiting for pathology. He has prostate cancer that has metastasized so brain cancer was a very real possibility. But God heard and answered our prayers. It wasn’t cancer, it was a blood clot! He still has an issue of too much spinal fluid and of course the prostate cancer but it was a glorious day today when we received the news of no brain cancer! We are going thru a mighty storm but God has “shut us in” with His Word, His love and the hundreds and hundreds who are praying for him. God bless you! You are are such a treasure. So glad I got to meet you a few years ago when we spoke in Hot Springs. Sheila Snider, Louisville Ky


  6. What a poignant reminder that there is always peace and safety under God’s care. I was so happy to hear about Trinia being cancer-free. What a great God we serve!!!! He takes such good care of us!! I love you!


  7. Thanking Godfor you, an family, yes mrs. Hyles. After every storm there is a rainbow, thanking God Trina, God has something special iin His plans for her ❤


  8. Thank you for this lovely post of hope and encouragement in the storms of life. They come and often seem unending but then, God sends words of reassurance that he will see us through. This was the reassurance needed today – thank you for being used to convey these words!


  9. Praise The Lord, Mrs.. Hyles for the good report of no cancer for your granddaughter! I guess only being able to look up might be all we as humans would be able to take in certain situations such as cancer surgery. Seeing all that kind of surgery entails might be too much for us to handle. Isn’t Gods grace good to us and for us. God bless you and my husband and I love you Mrs. Hyles and have a wonderful day. Mrs. Lee Ann Gray


  10. Mrs. Hyles, I am so thrilled to hear that the tumor was beign! This has been a constant week of God showering me with His blessing in small and BIG MOVING MOUNTAINS ways. I am so happy that you had the same week. God Bless the continually healing of your granddaughter.


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