March 31, 2014

Happy Monday. What are you grateful for today?

We just had a beautiful spring weekend. The sun was warm, the birds singing, trees budding.

You know what? I could see it all and hear the birds song as I was able to walk outside.

Also, last week I had an appointment at the Eye Institute in Dallas.

For a few weeks I’ve had eye problems. Finally, a diagnosis of cornea malady. Nothing serious, just irritating and it’s fixable!

As I sat in the waiting room with my son, who drove me, the door opened and a nice looking young man entered.

His eyes were a stick in front of him as he tapped before each step to find his way to the reception desk.

I was overcome with gratitude that I could still enjoy the beauty all around. Since it’s the time of year I get the “gardening itch,” Imedium_2548385963 had gone to a large garden center to whet my appetite a few days ago.

I saw all the colors, the many varieties, each bloom so intricate in beauty and fragrance.

I was blessed to take it all in!

Would you join me in choosing to live with a grateful heart? Even with the infirmities that will come.

Could this be our prayer?

“Not more of light I ask, O God,
But eyes to see what is.
Not sweeter songs, but ears to hear
The present melodies
Not more of strength, but how to use
The power I possess:
Not more of love, but how to turn
A frown to a caress.
Not more of joy, but how to feel
Its kindly presence near
To give to others all I have
Of courage and of cheer.”

“In every thing give thanks.”

14 thoughts on “March 31, 2014

  1. Thank you for reminding us of the many many blessings in our lives! So grateful to be able to see the world around me. God bless you, and have a wonderful week.
    Alicemarie Johnson


  2. Thank you, Mrs. Hyles, for today’s message. The Holy Spirit definitely leads you each week as you share what He lays on your heart to share with us. Each Monday your blog ministers to my heart with truths to focus us regarding specific needs and desires. I just shared a thought with a friend the other day about the sun/SON always shining through difficult times, and how I usually play your son, “The Sun Will Shine Again.” What a blessing that has been to me for years, as I play it, ‘when needed.’ Thank you for your faithfulness to always point to God’s goodness in every situation. I needed it today!


  3. Multiple Sclerosis took my mothers eye sight in 1958 when she was 40 years old. She was only able to see light and dark shadows. Her other senses quickly took over and she focused on what she remembered of the world. She said her only regret was not being able to see me as I walked down the aisle on my daddy’s arm be married. I am glad that her vision is 20/20 now and she is able to enjoy all the glorious beauties of heaven and our precious Lord. I have never taken my eyes for granted since that day in 1958. Thank you for reminding me. Love ya and have a great day. Mrs. Lee Ann Gray


  4. Thank you Mrs. Hyles! I have so many things to be thankful for today and I never want to take those things for granted. Thanks again and I love you! Happy Gardening!!!


  5. Mrs. Hyles it is such a blessing and an encouragement to read your blog every week. Thank you for choosing an avenue that can reach even us here in the Philippines. God bless you amd your family! 🙂


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