April 28, 2014

Happy Monday. Is something “nagging” you today?

Last week I thoroughly cleaned my refrigerator. I took every thing out; food, shelves, crisper drawer, and washed the interior with good sudsy water.

It sparkled when things were placed back after tossing some things that had seen a better day.

I felt such an accomplishment!

Regularly I clean things that are seen; dusting tables, cleaning floors, etc.

I confess! When it comes to the “hidden” things, such as drawers, closets, and yes, refrigerators, I don’t get excited about taking care of them.

But I do it!

I’m horrified sometimes at what I find, an over-the-counter medicine that expired two years ago, or a food item that is, by all medium_2309212420appearances, dead and smelly.

I feel so convicted of what procrastinating will do–could even make sickness occur.

We seem to be good at perfecting the art of putting things off.

If I were to ask you today, “Have you looked in a mirror?” I know the answer is, “Yes.”

We won’t even spend a day with ourselves with dirty face, uncombed hair, or smelly clothes.

Certainly we would not go out in public without making sure we are “acceptable” outwardly.

But what about underneath, the hidden things?

Is there something “smelly,” such as bitterness, unforgiveness, even hatred?

Look at the date. Hasn’t that self-pity, complaining, bad attitude passed the expiration date?

There is a “mirror” into which we can look that can be like good sudsy water to help us clean up the inside.

Before it makes sickness occur, or even a slow death by that “nagging” that won’t leave.

Why procrastinate?

“Never put off ’til tomorrow what you can do today.”
–Thomas Jefferson

14 thoughts on “April 28, 2014

  1. Sent in my comment last seek, but I am a new computer user and who knows where I sent it. I will do better next week. Thanks and love ya. God bless, Mrs. Lee Ann Gray


  2. I just did my frig., too!! More importantly, thank you for the “preach’in” on the smelly inside! I did some extra clean-up today! Love you! Heb. 3:13


  3. good timing; just finished my spring cleaning today! Now to keep an eye on the “inside”–thank you for the needed reminder! God bless you!


  4. Mrs. Hyles,
    Thank you for your wonderful words. I asked you to pray for us in the message I left on your phone.
    Our trip to Houston was a very good one. In the small congregation of about 20 people, I was able
    to lead two adults to a public profession of faith into the church and for bapism. That was a wonderful
    thing. Please continue to pray for us and with us. I will be contacting Dr. Gray real soon and report to him.
    God bless you.
    Dr. and Mrs. Paul Duckett


  5. You are a continual blessing. I know what you mean by getting something done and the great feeling of it being taken care of. The application is perfect. God is so good to us to have it down on our level, so we can see ourselves as He wants us to. Whew! Always something to “clean up” but so good to have it taken care of. Love you my dear friend! Barb I John 1:9 & 10.


  6. So enjoyed this. I taught my ladies Sunday School class yesterday. We talked about spring cleaning. Not just our homes but spiritual homes.


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