May 5, 2014

Happy Monday. How is your garden? Do you have one?

I am really enjoying my plants now. Since I live in a condo, I mostly plant in containers.

Right now I am looking at three pots of vibrant red geraniums, some large hanging ferns, and a few other new things I’m trying.

I do have a small plot of ground with varied colored petunias, a sunny area.

I’ve learned that for any thing to flourish, the soil must be fertile.

When I was a small girl, I was given a packet of seeds, zinnias, I think. I scratched the top of the ground, scattered the seeds, and had no crop. The ground was too hard–no fruit!

I’ve also learned that as the weather begins to heat up, I must give some plants more shade if they are to keep blooming.

There are those that can “take the heat” and look great.

There is also water to be considered. Without it, they wither and die.

And occasionally, fertilizer is added for food for strong plants.

Our lives are to be a beautiful garden to bring bright light in a very dark world, to bring forth fruit.medium_5952904554

Our lives must at times be plowed so it will break up hard lives, fallow ground, it’s called. I don’t like that, but it’s necessary.

Sometimes it seems more shadows come and blast out the sunny days we all crave. But the Master Gardener knows how and when to adjust the light and shade to make us the best.

When we feel “withered’ because of life’s events, we have access to the One Who said, “I am the water of life” and “I will pour water on him who is thirsty.”

The food we need to grow is available in the Word of God, which is called the bread of life, meat to build us stronger, honey to keep us sweet, and milk, a balanced “fertilizer.”

I would like to learn the lesson the petunias and some plants like them give. When the “heat” comes, I can take it and I will!

Let’s be beautiful gardens in our own particular place, for such a time as this.

8 thoughts on “May 5, 2014

  1. Though I don’t post a comment every week, I LOVE to read your weekly post. They are so helpful and practical. I love you!


  2. Thank you for brightening my world every Monday. YOU’RE one of my favorite flowers in the garden of life. I love you!


  3. I was born and raised in Michigan where the growing season for flowers was short compared to that of Texas where I have lived for the past 34 years. I always loved planting flowers in the spring mostly petunias. Since moving to Texas begonias and red geraniums are my favorites. Our house is blue and the red color looks great, at least I think it does. These two kinds of flowers take the heat well and with water and food they bloom and bloom. My husband, Dr. Bob Gray’s, ministry in Texas has been one that taught me like the flowers to be tough if I was to bloom where I was planted. Mrs. Hyles you are right our Heavenly Father does know what is best for us. Love ya and God bless you. Mrs. Lee Ann Gray


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