June 23, 2014

Happy Monday. It’s Summer! Maybe you feel it.

This is what we were wishing for in those frigid days of winter–so no complaining.

Perhaps it would be good to set some new goals rather than “just going with the flow” on the warm, lazy days ahead.medium_6848123429

I found a list that I think could challenge us. It was titled, “How to Stay Young.”

I really think it could be, “How to Be Your Best.”

Keep company with cheerful people, the grouches pull you down (are you a grouch?).

Keep Learning. The computer, gardening, a new hobby. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop, and his name is “dementia.”

Enjoy simple things–sunshine, the sound of rain on the roof.

Laugh, often and loud, ’til you gasp for breath.

Tears happen! Endure, grieve–move on.

Live every day and be your own friend. The only human you will be with all your life is–YOU.

Your home is your refuge. Fill it with things you enjoy–plants, pets, whatever.

Cherish your health. If it is good, take care of it. If it’s not so good, improve it.

Don’t take guilt trips. Go to the mall, take a trip, but not where guilt is.

Tell those you love that you love them often.

Forgive those who have made you cry. Let it go.

Remember, lost time can never be found.

Live simply, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God.

And as Bro. Hyles said so often, “Be good to everyone because everyone is having a tough time.”

10 thoughts on “June 23, 2014

  1. Today’s post was really good. I remember several years ago when you mentioned about gardening at Spectacular. I didn’t have a “green thumb” so was skeptical I could do anything. I have a yellow rose that I have named “Beverly” on my patio and she is lovely. I love all of the encouraging things you keep giving us to help us stretch our faith and notice the great things God has for us. You teach us to bloom where we are planted. Love you lots, Barb


  2. I just love Mondays with Mrs. Hyles, it’s class day with you, and I love you setting the reset button. Thank you. Gpd bless you.


  3. That’s a great list! I’m gonna print it up and put it on my fridge. Your blog is so helpful. Thank you for taking the time to encourage us every Monday. I always loved to hear Bro. Hyles say that at the end of his broadcast. We miss him “so” much! I love you!


  4. I LOVE this!! Thanks so much. I”ll have to share this one on facebook, too, in case some of my friends there don’t get your weekly blog. Your blog is a highlight for my week!


  5. Thank you for all the reminders of how I can enjoy a great summer, especially the one about being my own friend. Had not thought of that before. I find the older I get the more I cherish my old and dear friends. Thank you for reminding me of that also. God bless and have a great day Mrs. Hyles. Love ya, Lee Ann Gray


  6. Thank you so much for these words of wisdom! They are right on time! Happy Summer to you! Thank you for sharing your gift of words and thoughts to those of us who love and appreciate them so much!!!


  7. Mrs Hyles,
    I so needed this today. These little tidbits of wisdom are ones I can carry with me through the day. It is such an encouragement to keep my mind and heart focused on positive truths when the garbage of the world screams in my ears.
    Much love and prayer for you!
    Sarah Biber.
    Rom 12:1-2


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