August 4, 2014

Happy Monday.

We are in the middle of summer. I hope you are having a relaxing, refreshing time of the year.

I find that these lazy days tend to give more time for introspection. And because most of us are so good at negative self talk, we sometimes come up “short.”

Being in my older years, lacking the stamina of youth and finding my “get up and go” has “got up and gone,” I feel not as needed.

A poem my husband wrote in the 50s has spoken to me. It was written as he thought of the elderly widows in our church.

However, whatever your station in life, your age, etc. maybe you need these words.

“Little Things”

A little widow sits and sews,
Whose eyes are growing dim.
“My heavenly Father surely knows
I can’t do much for Him.”

Mine eyes behold the setting sun;
There’s not much I can do.
My race on earth is nearly run;
My talents are so few.

Oh, widow, dear, do not despair,
Lift up your voice and sing;
What’s placed into His watchful care
Is not a little thing.medium_5596226232

A little spider spun a web
Across a garden ridge,
A man beheld and vowed to build
A great suspension bridge.

A little rod in Moses’ hand
Did part the mighty sea.
‘Twas used of God to plaque the land,
And set His people free.

The little ark of Jochebed
Sat nestled all alone,
To man it was a baby bed;
To God it was a throne.

A little maid on foreign sod,
Her name we do not know,
Sent Naaman to the Man of God,
Who washed him white as snow.

A little manger filled with hay
Became a royal bed;
A little straw became that day
A pillow for His head.

And in the sky a little star
Was summoned to the place,
To beckon all from near and far
To come and see His face.

So little saint do what you can,
And live beneath His wings;
For in the palm of His dear hand
There are no little things.

To read the entire poem, go to the book Please Pardon My Poetry by Dr. Jack Hyles.

Am I the only one who needs this reminder–probably not. Jesus said in Matthew 10:42, “And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only…shall in no wise lose his reward.”

Little is much.

11 thoughts on “August 4, 2014

  1. I want you to know that “I NEED YOU” and I love you! Your influence means much to me. Thank you for sharing your heart with us every Monday.


  2. Thank you again for sharing the special things God gives you to share with us. That was what I needed to read today. As much as I dislike spiders, they are used also. 🙂 I am praying for that new widow. Love you! Your friend, Barb


  3. I love Bro. Hyles’ poetry. Thanks for this; a great comfort!! I love that the Lord has given you this blog influence, too. How wonderful it is to “hear” from you every week and learn from your wisdom.


  4. Thank you for that lovely thought, Mrs. Hyles. I just recently found your blog, and I’m so glad I did! I have missed your wisdom. This little devotional has renewed my spirit today. At times, I also feel like I lack what it takes to do all that I need to do for God, or that maybe what I can do at this point in my life isnt enough, but this has encouraged me to remember that for God, the little I am able to do, means a lot! Have a great week!


  5. This post was absolutely beautiful Mrs. Hyles. Thank you so much! What a great reminder of how great a poet brother Hyles was! His care for people was so evident in that poem.
    I love you.


  6. Thank you for your help today. I started to write that “Little Things” is my favorite poem by Bro. Hyles, but all of his poems are my favorites. At the end of your help for today you penned “Little Is Much” and that is my favorite song from Dr. John R. Rice. I sure needed to know that I can still be of help. God bless you, love ya and have a good day. Mrs. Lee Ann Gray


  7. Your “little bit” that you share with us each Monday has been a huge blessing to me. Mondays aren’t always the easiest day to “get up and get going,” but your little devotions help motivate. Thank you.


  8. What an encouragement this was this morning as I read this! Today I have a part in a funeral for a lady who just lost her husband suddenly to a massive heart attack. I hope I can encourage her, a new widow only 62 years of age, to continue serving the Lord as she has done for so many years. “Please Pardon My Poetry” has so many good truths that I enjoy reading.


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