September 8, 2014

Happy Monday.

Have you had an audience with the King today? What a privilege we have to enter the throne room any time.

I had both an honor and a burden laid on me as I left church yesterday.

A preacher friend requested that I be in prayer for him as he will today, 11 a.m., conduct the service for a fifteen-year-old boy who committed suicide.

His family does not know God personally.

Can’t you feel the need for just the right God-given words to be said?

And yes, I don’t know how many times in the last hours I have called John’s family as well as my friend’s name in prayer.

And I know I have been heard.

The late Dwight L. Moody said this, “Some people think God does not like to be troubled with our constant asking, but the way to trouble Him is not to ask at all.”medium_93235624

Not long ago, one of my friends called to ask me about prayer. Do we have to have a certain posture, a certain way of talking, etc.?

To me, prayer is conversing with a friend, any where, any time, as well as perhaps having a special spot you meet with the Father.

One of my best places to pray is in my car (eyes open of course). And He sits in the passenger seat and listens.

God answers prayer, not always as we wish. But I am so grateful as I look back, for times the answer has been, “No.”

I can think of two occasions when prayer wasn’t answered for more than twenty years–but the answer came, so powerful, so precious.

God stands at the door and waits. When we knock, He opens. When we ask, He answers.

Our task is to make God a full partner in every aspect of our lives–good times as well as hard times.

In these troubled times, even as this week we think back on September 11, 2001, we need to know we have a “hiding place” to which we take our troubles.

A preacher of yesteryear, R. A. Torrey says:

“We sometimes fear to bring our troubles to God because they must seem so small to Him Who sits on the circle of the earth. But if they are large enough to endanger our welfare, they are large enough to touch His heart of love.”

He cares!

21 thoughts on “September 8, 2014

  1. Thank you for that reminder Mrs. Hyles, I thank God that he cares for me and wants to here from me. And having seen answers to prayer is the proof of that. Thanks again, for the spiritual insight you give every Monday, your words are a help and blessing to me. Sherry Mann


  2. Thank you for writing to us about prayer! It is something that we all can do more of because we are to pray without ceasing! Sometimes we have seasons of prayer and other times we just pray 5 minutes…God hears them all. A year ago this week, Tim called me from work and said that his car did not pass the emmissions test to renew our lic. plate. He has been working as an auto mechanic since we moved back here (Schererville, IN ) 19 years ago. His boss let him have an old junk 1985 Cadilac that was left there by a customer, to drive back & forth to work 16 miles..6 days a week. We didn’t have to pay the insurance or the lic. plate for years & then he decided that Tim could just have it and gave him the title. Now we had to pay the insurance and the lic.plate. Tim had bought some spray black paint & sprayed the whole car to cover the rust. He had bought tires for it and a new radiator & other things, but the whole car frame had rusted out.. He said he wasn’t going to put any more money in it because it was junk. I drove my new (2002) car to the lic plate office and spent $16.80 on an extension for 30 days. I gave it to Tim so he could drive it home without getting a ticket.. On the way home, I told God how much we appreciated being able to use that old car all these years & told Him we needed a newer car that could pass emmissions. I asked Him if he could PLEASE help us get a car that could pass emmissions. I remembered seeing an ad in the paper that Team VW was giving away free cars, Thur., Fri. & Sat. We didn’t need a car on Thur., but we did on Friday the 13th. I didn’t drive out to register for the car on Thursday because nobody knows anyone that has ever won a car before, but Friday I was out there so I stopped. You had to be there to win, & you were only allowed 1 blank. I put a blank in & called Tim & asked him to stop by on his way home. He got there & I put his blank in . They had the drawing and said the winner is BONNEE REAY ! I was in Awe of God ! Just a 5 minute prayer for a car that would pass emmissions for Tim and He gave it to me! I just looked up and thanked him.! What an awesome, prayer answering God we have ! I didn’t even know what car they were giving away. Turns out it was a Forrest Green 1998 Ford, Escort, Sport…13 years newer that the car Tim was driving!. The manager gave me the keys and congratulated me.. All the other people were shaking my hand and told me how lucky I was. I told everybody that luck had NOTHING to do with it and that it was a direct answer to prayer ! Brother Laurent preached against luck in chapel at Hyles Anderson and I never used that word again. That was 1975 ! The manager said that the winners of the 2 used cars were already entered in the Sat. NEW car give away. We just had to be there. Tim and I were so thrilled that God had answered our prayers… We were going to go out to eat Sat. night because our kids had given us a gift card for our anniversary, so we were going to go out to dinner and thought we would stop by and congratulate who ever won the new car. Then I thought, what if we win the new car? They will ask us if we prayed about it. So we each prayed a short prayer before we got there. They, the owner, the manager, and the salesman were all so happy to see us. Well, they gathered everyone into the main bldg for the grand prize drawing, and would you believe it, they called BONNEE REAY again ! God had given me 2 cars in less than 24 hours ! Sure enough, the manager asked me if I had prayed about this car also. I said as a matter of fact I did ! He said, maybe I should start going to church ! I told him that was a very good idea. I told him I just happened to have one I could invite him to.. I pulled out a pile of tracks from my purse and invited them all to church. So this time, we left in a brand new 2013 VW Beetle from the showroom floor ! God answered my prayer for a need and then he answered another prayer to spoil me! I feel so loved! The 1st 19 years of our marriage, we only had one vehicle. God is good…all the time ! Bonnee Reay


  3. So grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who I can take my troubles to and know that He’s listening and will answer my prayers. Also grateful for friends and loved ones who pray with and for me. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. I love you!


  4. Thank you for this, Mrs Hyles! It is a blessing! I know you don’t know me but you are very special to me and my husband (Tony Bousman.) You may remember his mom, Shirley Bousman. I love reading your blog. Have a great week!


  5. Thank you Mrs. Hyles for once again nailing what was needed for the start of this week. The last fee weeks now I have been petioning the Lord over and over about some requests of the heart. Although no definite direction yet or answer-I have confidence that I’m not troubling God by my persistent asking.
    Love ya and praying for strength for ure day!


  6. Thank you so much for all your wise words that you share every week!! You have always been a blessing to me and more so as I read your blog each week! I love you, Mrs. Hyles!!


  7. The Holy Spirit sure ministers through your blog every Monday…so often just the thing that’s been on my mind is addressed on Monday!! Many thanks.


  8. I always look forward to your Monday devotionals. I just commented to my husband yesterday on our way home from church something like this..”God has been so faithful to answer prayers of mine that are miraculous and some are just His and my secrets alone! ” I only want I to be more faithful to Him in so many different ways. PRAYER what a privilege. I also talk to Him while driving because I know He is there with me. (With my eyes open.) Thank you.


  9. What a privilege it is to receive your words of wisdom each Monday Morning. Your faithfulness to Our Lord has been a tremendous Blessing to me, as I’ve observed your life from a distance. My husband and I are members of Metro Baptist Church in Belleville, Michigan. Our Pastor and his wife Dr. John Vaprezsan and Mrs. Linda Vaprezsan are such incredible, Godly people. They too (like so many others) are extensions of you and your husbands Ministry. We are so thankful for the example you have set for us to learn from and follow.


  10. Thank you Sister Hyles. I look forward to your posts each week and just when I need it most, you have the right words. This morning my daughter came to me as said, “Dad, I need something on prayer, a devotional or a book it seems my praying is not what it ought to be.” I gave her Dr. Jeremiah’s book, “Prayer, the great adventure.” Then you posted this, just right! Thanks again, Bro, Johnny


  11. So glad to find this. It is true and I am waiting for the answers to some prayers. However I have also received some I needed. I also enjoy David’s posts. Got to charge phone now. Thanks for your blog. Eloise “Stark” Julian


  12. As always, thank you for your inspiring thoughts that help us begin “on track” for the week ahead. Your words of wisdom are such an encouragement to my day!!!


  13. Thank you for ministering to me every Monday morning. Your blog comes to my email address every Monday am!
    I like having a touch of Beverly Hyles on my life after having you as my Pastor’s wife for 28 years! I still have my box purses and they keep me in touch with your influence all the time.
    Your blog is very relevant/ you seem to
    know right where I am at and what I need. Thank you for your influence and your fun side! Love you , Carol Tudor


  14. Thank you so much for writing these. They are such a blessing to so many. (It’s nice to know you pray with your eyes open while you drive.)


  15. Good morning Mrs. Hyles. Prayer has become for me a very special ministry. Since I got saved I have always prayed about anything and everything. I learned that lesson from my precious mother-in law who went to heaven at age 98 four years ago. What a wonderful example she was to me in prayer. We moved to Texas in August of 1980 and the second day we were here I stepped in a hole and broke my ankle and since then my health has gone down hill in a hurry. Many surgeries and many chronic illnesses. Thus my ministry of prayer has grown so much. He always answers me with, yes, no, or not now, but He always answers. What a wonderful God we serve and even at times when it seemed I had to reach up to touch bottom He was always there waiting to hear my prayer. Your lesson brought back so many precious memories of my prayer ministry. I have not always got the answer I wanted, but I always got the answer that was best for me. Have a great day, God bless, and love ya lots, Mrs. Lee Ann Gray


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