December 14, 2014

Happy Monday.

‘Twas ten days before Christmasmedium_10938022306
And quickly passing too,
Creeping in was some panic–
Still so much to do.

So before you break out
In that much dreaded sweat,
May I remind you–
There’s still time yet!

Time for what?

Time to get minds back on the message of that first Christmas, that which was sung by the angels to very disturbed shepherds.

“Fear not! Peace be unto you.”

I can take a stocking full of that, can’t you?

For many it won’t be the ideal “Norman Rockwell” setting. There have been illnesses, losses, hurts, even deaths.

Let’s stop and think what we still haveso much!

Look through the eyes of children around you and see the wonder on their faces. Have we passed recapturing that?

Someone has said, “Humdrum is not where you are but who you are.”

So true! We see things not so much as they are, but as we are in our thinking!

Every year, I look forward to watching It’s a Wonderful Life, do you? But looking around, there is so much violence and turmoil, and I tend to question that premise.

A wise person said, “If you want to put the world right, start with yourself.” That makes us think!

A few days ago in a mall near me, I heard the sweet voices of a children’s choir. As I witnessed them standing so precisely, I noticed their countenances were filled with excitement and joy. They had not become jaded.

I put myself momentarily into the age they are–I tried to feel as I did then.

I’m too far past that age, but I did pause and remember that to my “Abba Father” I am still a child–precious to Him.

Let’s just snuggle up to Him and really celebrate the rest of the Christmas season with wide-eyed wonder.

So I heard them exclaim,
As I finished my story,
“What a wonderful life!
And full of God’s glory.”
The end.

11 thoughts on “December 14, 2014

  1. Thank you Mrs. Hyles! I feel like I got a “hug from God” today with your precious words! God bless you during this Christmas season!


  2. Good Morning Sweet Lady!

    My how I miss seeing you every church service! Thank you for all the years of faithful service to our Lord. You have been such an encouragement to so many through the years. As I sat at the piano playing Christmas songs the other day I came across “Sweet Little Jesus Boy” and thought of you immediately. It didn’t take very long for the tears to trickle and my heart to swell with such love and fond memories of you and Bro. Hyles. Thank you so much for the years you invested into my life, and into the life of my family. I treasure every moment we shared and I try to live everything you taught me, both one-on-one and in group settings. You are a life-changer and so many of us ladies around the world owe you a great debt! I pray for you and hope that your Christmas will be a wonderful one.

    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and your family.
    I love you dearly!
    Schery Owens


  3. As always, Mrs. Hyles, your words are such a blessing and bring such comfort! I pray you will feel especially loved this Christmas, because you are, by so many! Thank you for ALWAYS speaking God’s truths with such wisdom and a loving spirit. Please know how much you are still needed and used. Thank you for your faithfulness to bring God glory through your living as well as your words!


  4. Mrs. Hyles: What a wonderful way you have in this blog of weaving the old and the not so old into one story. I love all the old ways and traditions. The songs of Christmas sung as they were written to be sung. Remembering whose birthday we are really celebrating. Knowing we have no reason to fear. Hoping and wondering, just for a laugh, if George Bailey will get to the bank on time with that money yet one more year. Even though the news in newspapers and on TV make one want to hide, we still live in the greatest country on earth the, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. God bless you, Mrs. Hyles, take care, and we love you very much. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Mrs. Lee Ann Gray


  5. I love watching the joy and wonder on children’s faces at Christmastime. It is so pure. My husband and I went to Disneyland this past week without our children, or grandchildren. That was different – but fun! I got the most enjoyment watching the excitement the little ones were experiencing. I was sitting on the curb watching the Christmas parade, so I was at eye level with a darling little boy. He was jumping around, hitting me on the shoulder saying, “Look, look!” He especially loved it when the tin soldiers marched by us. I’ll never forget that little fellows face. Thanks for the reminder to “slow down” and remember the true meaning of Christmas. I love you! BTW – I love your poetry!


  6. My husband had gotten the dvd of It’s a wonderful life years ago and I may watch it this year. I always liked Jimmy Stewart as an actor. I liked Donna Reed as a child also, whom also plays on It’s A Wonderful Life. Well anyway have a wonderful Christmas and God bless.


  7. Wow! I guess I’m leaving the first comment this morning! I enjoyed this immensely. Thank you so much for helping keep things in perspective. Merry Christmas to you.


  8. Beautiful thoughts for Christmas.

    My kids ask me why I watch “It’s a wonderful life” every year. It always helps me to think about the lives we touch without even realizing it.

    Thank you for all the people you have touched.


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