December 29, 2014

Happy Monday and a blessed 2015.

It’s always a challenge to me to see the birth of a new year. It’s a little daunting.

As we recall the past year, we see we are “still here” in spite of all that happened–good and not so good.

It’s a very comforting truth to know that God knows the path we are going to take, for God cares–“the eyes of the Lord thy God are always upon it, from the beginning of the year even unto the end of it.” Deuteronomy 11:12

Each of us will have his own personal “assignment.” But one thing I am aware of is that “we are here for such a time as this,” as was said to Esther when she saved her nation.

It’s no accident that we are here in the twenty-first century. And I know that though I may not do anything as magnificent as Esther, I can and must do two things–be salt and light in our world. You too!

Salt flavors, preserves, makes one thirsty. Does anyone thirst for what we have?

Salt can also irritate. Enough said.

For about a week before Christmas, we had a string of overcast days, and frankly, I longed for the light of the sun as it was hiding.

Our world is a very dark place. We are told as followers of Jesus to “walk as children of the light.” Ephesians 5:8

In the sermon on the mount, Jesus said, “Let your light shine…” Has our battery grown dim? Weak?

Fortunately, we can recharge by getting into the relationship that comes by spending time with our Father. Just to “be still” and know He is our God.

I found this list several months ago, and it seems to fit a new beginning in life:

The 7 Do-Mores

Do more than exist–live
Do more than talk–say something
Do more than touch–feel
Do more than look–observe
Do more than hear–listen
Do more than think–ponder
Do more than listen–understand

A real challenge, wouldn’t you say?KGcbEHoSLmcHyhqA2nfl_76591_667052060003591_1045050051_n2

Let’s decide to believe that our Lord will lead us this year.

“In pastures green? Not always,
Sometimes He who knoweth best
In kindness leads me in weary ways
Where heavy shadows be.
So whether on hilltops high and fair
I dwell, or in sunless valleys, where
The shadows lie. No matter, He is there.”

12 thoughts on “December 29, 2014

  1. wonderful thoughts Mrs. Hyles as we approach the new year. Your life and Dr. Jack Hyles’ have made greater impact than you think to me as a young preacher here in the Philippines. Through the books he wrote and the illustrations that you were part of, it blessed me. Now, I can follow your blogs through the advertisement of Bro David. You may not know me and I my family in person but we have a common knowledge in Christ. Happy New Year.


  2. I truly am blessed every time I read and always look forward to reading your blogs, Mrs. Hyles. I miss them very much when you don’t get to write. Being in my 50’s with 7 grandchildren I am so inspired and long so much to live for the Lord to be a light and salt in the world, to the end. I thank God for you. You challenge me so! Thank you so much! God bless you mightily, Mrs Hyles.


  3. Mrs. Hyles, thank you again for another blog to get my week going. It is hard to think about this being the last week of 2014. I remember having trouble when the century turned and it became the year 2000. So used to saying and writing 19 something. Thinking back over the year looking for a highlight and a blessing, it happened for me at church last night, 12-28-14. Our son Scott, who is a Pastor in North Carolina, was visiting for the holidays with his family. His brother, our son and our pastor Bobby(as I call him) had ask his brother to preach at the evening service. As I watched the two boys sitting side by side on the platform during the song service, I leaned over to my husband and said,”those two boy are experiencing the dream of a lifetime for them” both pastoring. As I listened to Scott preach I was so proud of him. What a blessing to have both of our sons in the ministry and pastoring. What a great blessing! Makes, for me as mom, see all the negative things from 2014 shrink along side of that great blessing. I am putting your 7 D’s on top of my list for 2015. God bless, take care, and love ya lots. Mrs. Lee Ann Gray


  4. Thank you, Mrs. Hyles! I needed your challenge this morning! Not only were your WORDS inspiring, but the very fact that YOU are still working to LIVE THESE WORDS every day and inspire others, is inspiring to me. You are doing exactly what you inspired us to do this morning-you are not just existing, you are living; you are not just talking, you are saying something; you are not just touching, you are feeling; you are not just looking, you are observing; you are not just hearing, you are listening; you are not just thinking, you are pondering; you are not just listening, you are understanding! and here’s another one from me to add to you list–Mrs. Hyles is not just WRITING a blog of encouragement, but she is LIVING what she teaches and writes on her blog!
    THANK YOU for your influence on my life and for your friendship to me and so many. I love you, dear lady! Have a great day!


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