February 2, 2015

Happy Monday.

February! The month of hearts, flowers, cupid, and love.

It’s truly a significant month. Many prominent people have birthdays in February, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald, Reagan…and me. 🙂

Yes, another year older, but as it is said, “It’s better than the alternative.”

However, this month has an extra “tug” on my heart, maybe a little sense of foreboding.298380_281690401843508_1494935840_n

Fourteen years ago at this very time, my husband was dealing with a sick heart that had manifested itself on a preaching trip to Mexico.

Tests were being done, then hospitalization. These were new to our lives as good health had always been my husband’s lot.

So of course we had no premonition that in just a few days, marked on God’s calendar, was the day of Bro. Hyles’ death.

February 6, 2001 is indelibly engraved on my spirit.

Still in the month of February, funeral plans were made. Many decisions had to be thought out and thousands of precious people helped our family as we traveled that valley.

Seven years ago in February, after a routine mammogram, I got that call, “We need to do further testing.”

Following came the words, “You have stage one cancer.”

Beginning immediately, several procedures were done, many doctor visits, then six weeks of radiation ending in May. To say I was occupied with health concerns for many weeks is an understatement.

But this February, as far as I know, I am “cancer free.” Many of you know how much it means to be seven years down the road from that “c” word.

There are those of you who don’t feel as I do about February, but there is a dread in your life.

Maybe its finances or your own poor health or family problems, uncertain future.

Let me share the words of a gospel song I heard recently that I keep humming under my breath constantly.

“Don’t fear tomorrow
God is already there.
He’s waiting to guide you
Your burden to share.”

If you don’t know it, make up your own tune and sing, sing, sing. Somehow singing and dread can’t occupy the same space.

24 thoughts on “February 2, 2015

  1. Thank you Mrs. Hyles and Happy Birthday. Thank you for giving of yourself through your husband’s preaching, you will always be so dear to us. Rodger and Patt Studebaker


  2. Thank you for this. Happy Birthday! Still think of so much of the preaching and teaching that your husband gave that helped me so much. God bless you!


  3. September is the month for us. My mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of 47, I found my large cancer mass, our son passed to Heaven, my brother in law passed to Heaven the year after.

    I love you, Mrs. Hyles. When you made the decision for our preacher’s funeral, God’s perfect hand was in it. The day you chose allowed us to make the only flight available off of our mission field island to attend. It was during those short 4 days we were in the States that my husband’s cancer was found.

    I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your husband with so many and thank you for loving us! You are my hero and I have been able to keep going on knowing that the Lord is already in my tomorrow, in part because you have shown it through your words and life. Thank you for being my friend.


  4. Dear Mrs Hyles,

    The Lord knew exactly what I needed to hear today, and he used you as the vessel. Thank you, again and again, for being used of him! I pray that I can only be used half as much, when I reach the “golden” years….God is so good, isn’t he? Please, do pray today for our son, Jack. Your sweetheart is his namesake. He is struggling to find his way as a teenager, and we covet your prayers.

    Love you!


  5. Thank YOU!!!!! You are my hero. Thank you for every single word you share! Thank you for your wisdom and grace…for the example you are, and the love you share! Thank you for all the years we spent “together” serving the Lord! I especially love the days of Hylander Wives, and all the sweet words of wisdom given. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!


  6. You have always been an inspiration in your writings. You have always been a nice person someone to look up to. Thank you and God Bess.


  7. Happy birthday this month, Mrs. Hyles. Thank you for always reminding us to stay “top-side” as Bro. Hyles used to say often. You both have had a tremendous influence on our lives and our ministry.


  8. Thank you for sharing your mom blog I enjoy reading it so much all the time and she was my hero grow up in the bus ministry she had such a great spirit all the time


  9. February 6, 2001…
    Elisabeth Elliot was fond of saying, “You are loved with an everlasting love …. and underneath are the everlasting arms. That’s what the Bible says!”
    You and Bro. Hyles are an inspiration to us all. I love you!

    Love in Christ,

    Bob Driggers


  10. Thank for sharing. It’s hard to believe it’s been 14 years. I always think of you on your birthday, or as the world calls it ‘Valentines Day. ‘ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, in advance.


  11. Thank you Mrs. Hyles for your inspiring blog. I love the words to the song you shared with us today. I have many memories of you singing at church in Hammond, not that song, but many others. I pray that this month will be filled with blessings for you and your family. Mary Weaver Rush


  12. Thank you Mrs. Hyles for your inspiring blog. I love the words to the song you shared with us today. I have many memories of you singing at church in Hammond, not that song, but many others. I pray that this month will be filled with blessings for you and your family.


  13. Dear Mrs. Hyles. Me again, part two, LOL. My husband and I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday and a Happy Valentines day. Mrs. Lee Ann Gray


  14. Dear Mrs. Hyles: Thank for another Monday with Beverly blog. It seems like some months stick in our memory, but for you your plate was surely full during one particular February. I remember that February too. Hearing of Bro. Hyles home going was something I did not expect to hear for a long time from that date in February. The date is special to me for another reason. I fell at the end of January and broke my leg. I had a cast on and was unable to attend the funeral of my friend along with my family. I sure was feeling sorry for myself. On the Friday night as my family was in Hammond for the viewing I received a very special letter in the mail. It was dated January 26, 2001. It was a letter from Bro. Hyles. I was so shocked. In a nut shell it said he had been meaning to write to me for quite awhile, but hadn’t gotten around to it. He said some very nice things to me and about me. He also said that you Mrs. Hyles and he had discussed me and both agreed in what was written in the letter. How special for me. Later I learned that I was one of the last people Bro. Hyles had written to before leaving the office that Friday for the last time. What a blessing from the Lord. You and Bro. Hyles have always been so very special and loved by the Gray family. We always tried to keep you up to date as to what was happening with our family, especially our children. I know our family was only one out of many thousands you received information like that from, but you were always so kind to respond with words of praise and oh yes gifts too!! Our children were always so proud when they received a remembrance of their special day from you. They have such precious memories. I know I am going on too long, but you said find a song and sing it all day long. Once when I had surgery, my leg in yet another cast and in a wheelchair I was in the bathroom singing. My daughter Karen knocked on the door and said, “What have you got to sing about?” Without thinking I said well at least I don’t have both legs in casts. Kind of a dumb answer, but Karen said gee, “I never thought of that. Guess you do have a reason to sing!” You just never know what kind of a bright sunny day is behind that dark cloud. Take care, God bless and love you lots. Mrs. Lee Ann Gray


  15. I also remember how my heart felt the day Bro. Hyles moved to Heaven. I felt we had lost a best friend. I am pretty sure you had lost your best friend and love of your life. You both were blessed to have each other in this life and both influenced so many over the years. You both are STILL influencing others! You, to others through your blogs and he through his books, etc. I have a couple pictures taken of you and me together at Women’s Meetings and I treasure them. I remember many lessons you taught me while at Hyles-Anderson and many spectaculars I was privileged to take part in and attend. Thank you for being a great example of a Christian wife to us wives! Have a wonderful day! I read somewhere a note of a loving deceased spouse that was left for her husband that read “Don’t be so sad when I am gone, but be happy that I lived!” We were all blessed by your husband’s life and are being blessed by yours!


  16. That February day fourteen years ago was a very heart-breaking time in our life and in soo many peoples lives…when our pastor, Bro. Hyles died. He meant so much to us…our pastor, shepherd, friend. We loved him very much and miss his leadership still. We love and appreciate you also, Mrs. Hyles, you are still a needed influence! We pray you have a joyful February filled with all things good. Happy Birthday on the 14th of this month!
    Love, Randy & Adrienne Ericson


  17. Thanks so much. I love that thought that singing & fear can’t occupy the same space. So glad that February is a peaceful time for you so far. Happy Birthday month! You are often on my mind, especially on Feb. 14th. Bro. Hyles & his teachings are always in our memory every day of the year. But his death was a day I’ll never forget in our lives; such a dreadful feeling of loss! In Feb. I usually dig out my diary kept at the time of his passing and the newspaper articles I’ve saved. So thankful for our God who fills up the empty places and brings the peace that passes understanding. Love you. Thanks so much for this blog!


  18. AMEN!!
    Love second Chronicles when God says, when they began to sing and praise God brought an ambush against the enemy…

    I love you, and hope you have an awesome February and a happy birthday on the 14th!


  19. I remember the day I heard that Brother Hyles died. I was working at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester at the time. Sad day to have him leave this earth, but happy for Heaven. You and Bro. Hyles will always have a special place in my heart. I finished my last two years at college at Hyle’s Anderson, and I will never forget Girls Meetings with you and your husband. Always so good to us, and it was a big college, yet I felt I was seen, I never felt overlooked. Thank you for all you have done for so many. Love, Bethany


  20. I remember they day Bro. Hyles went home. My wife and I were sitting in a Preacher’s Fellowship and Calvary Baptist Church in Eufaula, OK. Bro. Hyles, and the truths he preached and lived had a great impact on our hearts, and still do. We are blessed and honored to have set under his ministry and life. We pray for you Mrs. Hyles. You have always been a wonderful example and testimony of a Christian lady. Thank you for teaching with your words and life, and you still are. Having recently friended Dave on facebook has been a great blessing and encouragement as well. His daily thoughts and words of wisdom are a blessing. We thank God for your family.


    • Dear Mrs. Hyles, “Happy Birthday” and thank you for your perseverance and a Light that just keeps on shining. We that are far away friends are so grateful, when dark clouds over shadow us there is still a constant light peeking through and it is ones as you and Br. Hyles that live on to encourage and love us still in your books, tapes and messages that will forever council our minds and hearts. Iron does sharpen Iron and “Happy, Happy Valentines Day” ****** We love you***************


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