June 15, 2015

Happy Monday.

According to the weather reports for weeks, we are in a stormy season.

There are daily reports of tornadoes, thunderstorms, flooding, hail, and of all things, snow in places.

In Texas, May was the wettest month since records have been taken–over one hundred years.

But our long drought has ended!

And the upside of the storms is lush, green lawns, trees so beautiful, flowers blooming, and we are enjoying sunshine even more.

It seems like most of us have to go through the “dark” times to enjoy the “bright” days.

My husband said often, “He who knows no tempest knows no calm.”capsize-184167_1280

Perhaps you are in a tempest of your own today.

Psalm 107 describes such a time when the ships are out to sea.

God commands stormy winds that “mount up to heaven.”

The sailors are tossed and it says they come to their wits end. And then they cry to the Lord.

I love verse twenty nine–“He maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are still.”

It seems to infer that only in desperation did they go to the Lord.

Isn’t that just like you and me?

We all love the results of storms. They do bring new life, freshness, and very often we see God’s signature promise–a rainbow.

Someone has wisely observed, “You want to see a rainbow? Then expect some rain.”

Years ago, during a stormy time in my life, I wrote these words.

It’s storming today, Lord.
I hear the raindrops on my roof,
Like falling tears on my window pane.
Will it ever stop, Lord?
The flowers are drooping from wetness
The trees have sagging leaves like coming death.

Is the sun still there, Lord?
I see only darkness filling my room
It invades my soul like deepest sorrow.

I see it, Lord–a rainbow!
It’s there, right there, and it bears your signature,
Your promise.
I’m persuaded, Lord, to commit
To you, once again the storm in my life
Knowing that you keep my safely in your hand.

Thank you, Lord,
The world has taken on fresh life.
A new song springs up from my heart
Like hope renewed.

–Beverly Hyles

17 thoughts on “June 15, 2015

  1. Mrs. Hyles: Seems like we focus on the storms both outside and the ones inside our lives with much despair, time, and prayer. I have recently gone thru a very dark storm in my life, but now I can see the sun starting to peak thru just a little. I always forget even though I spend much despair, time, and prayer on the storms both outside and inside my heart that He our precious Savior is able to calm the storms and stop the storms with just three words. PEACE, BE STILL. Just three little words, but oh the power they carry when spoken by the one who has the power. Take care, God bless and love ya lots. Mrs. Lee Ann Gray


  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts today. They’re always such an encouragement to me.
    While you’re enjoyng the lush greens from all the rain you folks have received, it’s very brown and dry here in CA. You’re right though, it’s in times like these that God teaches us so many lessons. Just hope our season of learning won’t last too long and that we’ll learn to appreciate the rainy days when they come. I love you and miss you!


  3. I really needed this devotion on storms.
    I like Bro Hyles quote and your prose.
    Seems like I just go from valley to valley. I remember how often Dr Hylws would encourage us in so many of his sermons.!!! Thank you for not giving up and continuing to teach the Bible! I love you! You are my Heroine!!!!


  4. Dear Mrs. Hyles,

    As always, your Monday morning observations are spot on and very encouraging. Brother Hyles was right when he said, “He who knows no tempest knows no calm.” Thank you for Your wisdom and for sharing HIS!

    Your friend in Colorado,

    Dan Parton


  5. Mrs Hyles, Just want you to know that we loved the ministry of First Baptist Church, Hammond Indiana, so very much! I first started listening to your husbands tapes in the early 1980’s They were a wealth of spiritual knowledge, encouragement and growth to me. Our dear Pastor Carl Hatmaker shared Dr Hyles tapes with The Faith Baptist Church of Richmond Kentucky for 25 years. Thank you for all you did to support your precious husband. We will never forget “Dr. and Mrs Jack Hyles.”


  6. Mrs. Hyles: Thank you so much for the reminder of having to go through storms. I am currently going through one myself, and what a blessing to be reminded of how we need these storms in our lives!! May God continue to bless you! I sure did miss your articles for awhile!! I love you!


  7. I am so glad & relieved to see your post today! I have missed you very much recently. Many thanks for sharing your heart in these weekly posts. You are a blessing and help to me.


  8. Mrs. Hyles: I think of you often and pray you are doing well. My husband, RK went to Heaven 12-20-14- he was sick 10 months. I am living in Naples, Fl now where Krissy and her family are. Take care. Love you, Charlotte Young


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