May 6

Happy Monday. Remember, “All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds you sow today” (from Apples of Gold).

I was recently so moved by a story I heard told by a Christian speaker and author. It went a little something like this:

“After a morning of watching all kinds of birds at my feeder and the squirrels scampering around, I went to my door and as I looked on the deck, I saw a sparrow. It was still and, as I touched it, it didn’t move. I assumed it was dead.

I went to get a paper towel to pick up the little bird so I could bury it under a large rock, as I had done a time or two before. As I returned, the scene was captivating. I saw other sparrows had gathered around the ‘dead’ one, chirping and moving. One seemed to ‘nudge’ his friend.

I wondered, ‘Do they feel less? What is the meaning of their actions?’medium_5088485619

I soon felt the time of the burial had come, except I saw a fluttering as the fallen bird struggled to stand. Soon he and his friends flew away. Amazing sight.

This scene happened during a time of great upheaval in my life. I was ready to quit—give up.

Then I thought of the many ‘sparrows’ who know of my despair. They had been ‘nudging’ me with their prayers, their encouragement. Their love and care was God’s answer to me. I wasn’t dead, only wounded. I could ‘fly’ again. First I just had to stand.”

The story painted a picture in my mind of many of our fellow Christians who are lying wounded. Whether it’s because of enemy fire or self-inflicted wounds, they are in great pain; broken.

It has been said that Christians are the only army to kill their wounded. Quoting a line from a song of a few years ago, “Don’t let another wounded soldier die.”

Paul said in Galatians 6:1 that if one is overtaken with a fault, the spiritual ones will seek to restore that one, with meekness, realizing they, too, could be tempted.

Ouch! What part of that do we not want to obey?

I really fear we are pictured in the men who caught the woman in adultery. They took her to Jesus, not with compassion, but relishing the stoning that was the usual punishment.

Remember what Jesus asked? Which one of you is without sin? You may throw the first stone. Not a stone was thrown.

His question should ring in our hearts. There is not one who qualifies to do the stoning!

Could we become like little sparrows, gathering around the wounded one and ‘nudge’ him, saying, “Just stand! We will help you. You can fly again.”

I often say that I am a recovering Pharisee. I haven’t arrived yet. But I have emptied my pockets of the stones I used to carry. They were heavy.

A quote from my husband Jack Hyles says it: “Wait until you have walked as many steps on the water as Peter did before you criticize him for sinking.”

Psalms 147:3 “He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.”

Could we be more like Him?

34 thoughts on “May 6

  1. I want to be more like Him.{our Lord} I’m happy there have been those there to nudge me when i’ve fallen down. You mentioned Bro. Hyles. I love bro. Hyles. I wonder if he knows just what an influence he was and still is; now that he is in heaven..


  2. I was thrilled to learn about this blog. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I loved hearing you speak. You are a blessing!


  3. This is a what I call a ‘Keeper’. One to be read over and over again. I know I sure needed this. Thank you, Mrs. Hyles.


  4. Thank you, Mrs. Hyles, for these words. His eye IS on the sparrow. I hope He is pleased when His eyes fall on me. I hope to be able to “nudge” my fellow sparrows. I love you!


  5. Oh Wow! I love to watch birds. Birds are my sign from God of Love! Thank you so much! I also am trying to be a better person and not judge. I pray that all my stones are out of my pocket, but sometimes Satan tries to put a pebble in there! I’ve learned to get it out quick! I Love you Mrs. Hyles!! You are a Wonderful Lady!!!
    Melissa Ellis Gonzalez


  6. Just found this post. How wonderful. I have thought often of the “Old church downtown”, and all those familar faces I see in my mind. I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t share something with someone that I heard from Preacher. My wife will never forget the call that you made to her on one occasion. Your advice saved much heartache. We have thanked God on many occasions for you and Preacher.


  7. Thank you so much for your admonitions!!!!!!!!!! You are so wise!!!!!!! and so kind and gracious to remind us of the graces we so desperately need to be emulating in our lives…just like Jesus was and is!!! Hallelujah! WHAT A SAVIOR!!!!!   Thank you again and again for caring and sharing!!!!!!!!!! Love you too!!!!!!!!!!



  8. Thanks. Sometimes I feel so alone since Dick died but I know Gods plans for me are good and not evil. Thanks again for the encouragement. What a beautiful story.


  9. What an amazing story! It truly touched my heart today. It brings to memory a painful and tragic time in my life when those who were doing the nudging were bitten by the one lying there ~ refusing to be restored because of pride. We all need to let those around us help pick us up so we can be truly usable again.


  10. Oh Beverly; how precious this is today. Yes, we are sometimes so quick to judge and give our opinions about things that we have no business to get into. “In the spirit of meekness” is surely the correct phrase we should all use when it does become necessary to talk to others. Thanks for this; very needful for any Christian woman. Much Love to you.


  11. Thank you Mrs. Hyles.. I have just recently been made aware of this blog and am so thankful for it. You have been an influence for good in my life and I appreciate you and what you have to say. May God Bless you today.


  12. As usual your words of wisdom encourage and help us to keep on when things aren’t going just like we would like, but then it probably isn’t for all of the people around us too. I want to be an encourager and be a blessing like you are to all of us. Much love!


  13. Thank you so much for this. You are an amazing lady,this makes me missed hearing you speak so much. This is so true. I love Pastor Hyles quote. Im so glad you are doing this Mrs. Hyles. Love you Have a wonderful day,


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