June 3

Happy Monday. “Time is life; our most precious commodity. You can’t store it, freeze it, or dehydrate it for another day.” (from A Voice. A Vessel)

If I were to guess about your schedule, I would say, “You’re busy!”

But doing what?

I came upon some facts not long ago that made me pause.

In a lifetime, we spend two or three years waiting in line, a few weeks at a red light, and forty-three days on “hold.” Seems like more!medium_2283676770

We wait in the doctor’s office, for a return call, at the bus stop, waiting for the coffee to brew. Some are waiting for the “right one” to come along.

Unfortunately, we also wait:

To say, “I’m sorry.”

To call a friend.

To write that overdue note.

To forgive.

To say, “I love you.”

The doctor will see you. The call will come. The bus will arrive and the coffee will brew.

Will those things we so often put off get done?

Jesus said in John 10:10, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

If it is to be the life that He wants us to enjoy, it must contain those hours, minutes, even seconds making people a priority of our time.

A quote from the book Try Giving Yourself Away is true:

“Happiness must be sipped, not drained from life in great gulps…A portion of thyself is a sip of happiness, as satisfying as it is costless.”

James 4:14 says that life is a vapor; it appears for a while, then vanishes.

Take a can of room freshener and give it a squirt. How long does the mist last? Seconds? That is James’ picture of life.

If we sleep eight hours a day until we are seventy-five, we will be out for 219,150 hours. So little time to live!

Someone has said, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” As time is used wisely, a minute here, an hour there, our days will become happy.

Who needs your call today?

What note would encourage someone?

What friend needs to hear your voice?

What life could you change even now?


13 thoughts on “June 3

  1. It’s wonderful to ‘hear’ from you each Monday. You are a convicting blessing to me.
    Pray for you often,


  2. Just thought you would be glad to know I have been busy preaching the gospel in schools and villages on a weekly basis here in Ghana. I am doing what Dr. Hyles taught me to do. My wife Tammy is standing beside me as you taught her to do. We are so happy doing what we know is right. Thanks for the Monday Post.


  3. So true. I need to watch my time. Thanks for the reminder. I was just told about your blog tonight while at church. Glad to be able to go to a blog such as this.


  4. I don’t know how my life could get any busier but you sure know how to put things in prospective. I must steal this one for the Christian Womanhood magazine.


  5. As life seems to get busier with all we have access to…this is a great teaching and reminder for me to STOP and think on this..Thank you! I can remember many years ago..just a sweet smile or a “how are you doing?” made me feel so loved! Love, nancy


  6. Mrs. Hyles:

    I think you are the best writer in the family. I like this one especially.

    Keith Whitehouse

    Sent from my iPhone


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