October 21

Happy Monday. “Keep on learning, don’t ever know.” –Dr. Jack Hyles

This week is the anniversary of my marriage to a man who lived life every day. He was always studying and learning from daily happenings.

Someone has said, “He was interesting because he was interested.”

I don’t know of a time in our fifty plus years when he was bored. He was aware, conscious of life around him.

Never did he feel he had arrived. His words were, “when you get to the top, raise the top and climb some more.”

All kinds of people were his teachers, big people, little people, though to his mind they were all big.

He was a student of all kinds of things, especially what he knew I enjoyed. He learned gardening, good music, art, opera, even shopping (he liked it!)

Historian Henry Adams said, “They know enough who know how to learn.”medium_6628934195

Could it be that the youth of today are bored with life before they have lived? Dabbling with things harmful, looking for a thrill?

A Canadian educator said, “The man who has ceased to learn ought not to be allowed to wander around loose in these dangerous days.”

Staying alert, always learning from people and circumstances is to really live life every day.

My husband studied mainly to show himself approved of God. He wanted always to “rightly divide the word of truth.” Thus, his bread, served in his messages, was always fresh and satisfying.

No, he didn’t miss life.

Will that be said of us?

17 thoughts on “October 21

  1. Thank you again so sweetly you have reminded us of Preacher and his wonderful way he looked at life. What a special blessing he continues to be in my thoughts remembering our Bro. Hyles.


  2. Thanking God, for the Mimisty that God gave Dr. Hyles and you., how God used you both in in my life for Gods glory. thank you. both for giving to the Lord..


  3. Mrs. Hyles, Thank you for those encouraging words to keep on learning, and for reminding us what Bro. Hyles
    Taught us so many years ago. You are a great blessing to me! Sherry Mann


  4. Wow! I love thinking back to when he talked of you, or you talked of him!! Both of you had that sweet “twinkle” in the eye that says “I LOVE YOU”! Thanks for sharing :} Happy Anniversary!


  5. Dr. Hyles was a great man. He saw no little people. He was my dad’s hero. Dr. Hyles came to the nursing home to visit dad before flying out of WV. He took time out of his busy schedule. He lived the Bible. Wish I still had his books but most were ruined in the flood. Behind every great man is a great lady.


  6. I love to remember Br. Hyles! You both are such a special blessing to our lives. Thank you for sharing your heart in this blog every week. I enjoy it thoroughly!!


  7. My dear Mrs. Hyles, thank you for sharing your heart. Happy Anniversary to you. Dean and I also celebrated 51+ years together. Even though he is also in Heaven now, I hold so many anniversary memories in my heart….coming to Hammond to hear Dr. Hyles was our joy for several years. I remember how you would always come to greet us…even if it meant catching up to us as we crossed the street! You are so dear to my heart! My love,


  8. DEAR Mrs. Hyles…YOU also give wonderful “bread” to our souls!!! Thank you sooooo much, once again, for caring & sharing!!! You’re love for all is sensed in your writings and I am soooo blest because of it and a happy recipient too!!! Thank you!!! love you too!!! and thanks for that “Staying alert, always learning from people and circumstances is to really live everyday” is a GREAT slice of that bread!!! 🙂 Have a wonderful day!! Jan


  9. 50 years is a lovely tribute to your patience. I think of how many preaching trips, counseling day and meetings when you were home patiently waiting. What a great love!
    The theme of your post, continued learning, is a gentle reminder and challenge.
    What a nice surprise in my email box each Monday. Anticipating Monday duties
    I forget it is coming. Surely the Lord must be coming on a Monday morning.


  10. Thinking of you on your anniversary week. I will never forget girls meetings with you and your husband, you both were a blessing and example to me . I love your Monday morning devotional on this site. Thank you for your sweet spirit.


  11. Thank you for the reminder about your husband. It was so true of him. We loved being around him.

    Thank you for sharing him so unselfishly with the world.


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