January 13, 2014

Happy Monday. What will you teach today?

My mother’s birthday was two days ago. Had she lived this long, she would have been one hundred eighteen.

I’ve pondered how much she influenced my life. It’s immeasurable.

My meals are prepared like hers, my approach to homemaking, my interraction with people, copy mom, and much more.

Oh, the power of influence!

One of my daughters gave me a dish towel which says—

“Mirror, mirror on the wall,
I am my mother after all.”

We live being watched! By people everywhere, by cameras at stoplights, security cameras in stores and, horrors, cell phones capture our image. No escape!medium_2844775052

We could accept this as having many teachable moments as we have opportunity to influence as we are observed.

By the way, if anyone speaks ill of you, so live that no one will believe it.

Occassionally, one will comment that I have been a blessing in your life, for which I am most grateful.

I realize that my time on stage, as a pastor’s wife, teacher of young girls, has passed. (Though I refuse to get too old to watch for opportunities to teach.)

But you are now on stage for such a time as this.

Let’s become more aware of the many times daily we can be “teachers of good things.”

The old poem is still good for 2014:

“You are writing a gospel,
A chapter each day.
By the deeds that you do,
By the words that you say.
Men read what you write
Whether faithless or true.
Say—what is the gospel—
according to you?”

13 thoughts on “January 13, 2014

  1. Thank you for another thought provoking lesson, I always want to be teaching good things. God bless you Mrs. Hyles you are always an inspiration to me.
    Love you, Sherry Mann


  2. Thank you so much for all your years of faithfulness. Also thank you for still teaching us. I look forward to Monday now to see what God is going to teach me through you!!!!


  3. When my husband was a student at Hyles-Anderson College in 1974 I remember seeing you and your mother as you were walking to college chapel. I saw the two of you as you walked by my husband and myself and I remember saying how you were a carbon copy of your mother. In stature, dress, bearing and beauty. I also remember thinking what a testimony to your mother in how she had raised you. I never saw your mother again but that mental picture has stayed with me all these years.Thank your for teaching me. Love ya, Mrs. Lee Ann Gray


  4. You have performed in sincerity and truth for a long time…..for both, we all are thankful and blessed. You are loved here in Oshkosh! – Jewel B.


  5. I have fond memories of your teachable spirit to me personally and Aunt Fanny that led me to the Lord, and Mrs. Rice at age 80 plus taking notes at a conference, My mother and so many, steadfast, teachable and faithful . Thank You.
    Connie Brown


  6. What a wonderful thought, Mrs. Hyles! We are all teachers, Thank you for teaching me! And yes, I have become a lot like my mother! I love you and prayed for you today! Tammie Gonzalez


  7. Great thoughts, reminding us to be careful to guard our testimony in every situation. How true, that our Christianity is under constant observation! May we live today pleasing our Lord. I loved the little poem, too!! Thank you, Mrs. Hyles for still teaching us!


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