August 25, 2014

Happy Monday.

School’s back in session! Watch out for those school zones–slow down!

Looking back, I had some wonderful teachers, in school and elsewhere.

The times I grew up in made for good teaching. I was a young child just after the Great Depression–hard times.medium_4373129102a

Yet, it made for people with character, living simply, frugally, and the Bible was welcome in public places, even schools.

My parents were good teachers, even my unsaved Dad, who had such integrity (he was converted later in life).

I have to conclude that because I lived with my husband longer than anyone else, he taught me more of how to live than all others.

He lived by principles–definition: a personal code of conduct, an established mode of action.

I learned of loyalty. Two of his quotes:

“There is no such thing as an ex friend.”

“I will be a friend to my friends.”

He never belittled people before me and I could believe that though no one is perfect, there is potential for good in each.

He taught when someone was hurtful, “They aren’t bad, just broken.”

He taught me that it’s fun to give of “yourself.” Even if that meant on a rainy, windy day he would pull our car over to retrieve a garbage can in the middle of the street. (Was I embarrassed? Yes.)

He wanted to leave each person better than he found them–by a joke, a little time, maybe a little money put in a hand.

When people would accuse, “They are just using you!” he answered, “What better way to live.”

He taught me unselfish love. His quote, “The only pure love is demonstrated by the person who loves someone who can give absolutely nothing in return.”

An example:

Thirteen years ago this time of the year, we vacationed in Maui, Hawaii. On Sunday we worshiped in a little church with about fifty people.

We enjoyed the singing and a good Bible message. I confess I forgot it.

In late February 2001, I received a note from the pastor of that little congregation.

He said that on February 6, he had gotten a note from Jack Hyles, complimenting him on his well-prepared sermon and our enjoyment of the service.

He decided to look on the web for that name and found that Jack Hyles had died a little after 9:00 a.m. that very day.

His words to me, “While he was entering Heaven, he was encouraging a young preacher half way around the world.”

We are each a teacher every day. Let’s be careful that we teach what will add to the lives of those we teach.

15 thoughts on “August 25, 2014

  1. Dear Mrs. Hyles, As always, so good to hear from you and see that you’re still faithfully continuing on for God and others!!! 😉 Thank you!!!! You’re always so encouraging!!!! Thank you for the reminders of Bro. Hyles’ Christlke living and reminder to do and be so….His love and faith personally touched my Husband’s and I and encouraged us soooooo much!! I firmly believe it has encouraged my Husband especially to press on! as do your kind words and love for us all does too!! It’s like Bro. Hyles love use to seem like it was yours’ uniquely and personally your very own!!! and truly it is/was!!! at is from the Lord!!! 😉 I love you too!! and continue to pray for you and yours’ and covet your continued prayers for me and mine and now 3 Grandchildren…Sincerely, Jan Bingaman Rom. 8:26-39 😉


    • What a lesson to be taught and what a blessing you are Mrs.Hyles. It was as if I was in your classroom and hearts came to attention. I remember Mrs. Evens always pleading for we women to be teachable, you are one of those teachers that makes a difference. Thank you for persevering and sharing what the Lord has gracefully given you.I believe LeeAnn Gray is so right about making your Blog into a book or a devotional, it truly reaches hearts. We love you so.
      cherie young


  2. I was at our Christian school this morning when the students were coming in for their first day of school. As I sat there at the front desk I couldn’t help but notice the many different facial expressions. Some students came bouncing in, confident and with big smiles, some looked a little frightened and shy, and one student even had tears in her eyes. They all were looking for the same thing though – acceptance. Another human being who was excited to see them. Someone who offered comfort or an encouraging word. Someone who might give them a hug, a pat on the the back, or hand. A smile, maybe even a “high five.” They just wanted to know that they mattered and somebody cares. You and Bro. Hyles taught us that by example. You always made us feel loved and that we were of value to God. Thank you once again for loving us and giving of yourselves so selflessly. I love you !


  3. Thank you, Mrs. Hyles, for taking the time to encourage us each week. If there is one thing that I learned from Bro. Hyles was the fact that “I will be a friend to my friends.”…I have tried to do that in my life and be a friend to my friends. I have always felt like once someone is my friend; they are always my friend. It doesn’t make any difference what they say or do…..they are still my friend. I also learned that from you. thank you for your love and friendship all these years. I love you….Joyce


  4. Mrs. Hyles, I am not sure if two comments are allowed. I hope so. As I read your blog today I want to ask you again to consider putting your blogs in book form. Doing the little things can make a difference and maybe a lost lady would pick up and read a book with short chapters and be convicted and get saved. While she might not pick up a book with long chapters. If I am out of line here I am sorry. Love ya, Mrs. Lee Ann Gray


  5. I LOVE it when you remind us of Bro. Hyles. He lives on in our hearts. Very frequently (almost daily) we recall some story or teaching from him. You are such a blessing, too!! Much love.


  6. Mrs. Hyles, thank you so much for keeping the memory of Bro. Hyles alive. I still miss him terribly, and it is such a comfort to read his wise words. It is like I can hear him speaking. Those years of living and working under his ministry were the best! I am so thankful that I got to sit under his preaching and your teaching at Hylander Wives. Those were very special days for us, and reading your blog each week is like opening a window to the past. I love you and wish you wonderful days!


  7. Thanks again, Mrs. Hyles, for the reminder of our influence. I am humbled often by the “city kids” in my Kids Club class on Wednesday nights, who are like little birds wanting to know more about God, and then so thankful for a chance to play out in a yard with grass! They teach me much, and I am thankful for the teaching you continue to give each of us that we can in turn share with those whom we teach.


  8. Thank you for your lesson today. It made me take stock and think of all I have learned from my husband. We met when we were very young, he was 14 and I was 15. We have been married 49 years this year and I am sad to say I have never taken stock of all the things my husband has taught me. I took some quiet time after reading your blog and lessons from my husband just started flooding thru my mind. What an injustice I have done to Dr. Bob Gray Sr. He is truly a teacher of good things. I am not sure this is what you intended your lesson to teach, but this is the lesson I got. Keep teaching us. God bless, have a good day and love ya. Mrs. Lee Ann Gray


  9. Thank you for sharing this encouragement and this very special memory with us today. I always look forward to my Monday morning blessing!


  10. Good morning! Thanks for the many memories. I have the cute things you gave out in Sunday School class from Hawaii. They are displayed in our “Hawaii” room. I miss you and Bro Hyles. hugs and love to you. Kathie Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2014 12:01:46 +0000 To:


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