June 24

Happy Monday. “Just suppose that we could be sure of final victory in every conflict and final emergence out of every shadow into brighter day.” –Henry van Dyke

Aren’t bright sunny days great. Our moods are lighter it seems. However, I’ve heard it said that “all sunshine makes a desert.” Not so good.

Overcast, cloudy days can be nice also. We linger longer over that cup of coffee, don’t feel as much need to hurry.

It’s on such days I often get my easel out, a canvas, oils or acrylics, and paint.

As I squeeze paint on the palette, I choose red, green, blue, and my favorite, yellow. But there must be some brown, black, gray—dull, shadowy colors.medium_2444464082

For a painting to take on depth, meaning, character, there must be shadows.

The book Basics of Oil Painting states, “Shadows have a magical effect, power to set the mood. They serve the artist.” So true.

The Master Artist has each of us on His easel and He knows exactly how much light and shadows are needed—the colors to make a masterpiece.

There will be shadows, dark tones, but they serve the Artist.

As I think of people that I consider great whom I have known, without exception, they are happy, fruitful persons whose lives have been tested.

From where did the greatness come? Psalms 91:1 gives me an idea that they were dwellers in the secret place of the Most High and under the shadow of the Almighty. His shadow gives safety, refuge.

My husband very often quoted a song that was meaningful in his life.

“Standing somewhere in the shadows you’ll find Jesus.
He’s a friend who always cares and understands.
Standing somewhere in the shadows you will find him,
And you’ll know him by the nail prints in his hands.”

Max Lucado says, “You hang as God’s work of art, a testimony in His gallery of grace.”

And He hasn’t finished yet!

6 thoughts on “June 24

  1. I just googled your name to see where you are these days. I am a 2000 graduate of HAC. I think you are a woman of grace and beauty. You and your husband were always so sweet to us college students. Thank you for that, and this nice website!! I will check it out each Monday!


  2. I love the analogy of the painting…and remember Bro Hyles singing that song…and that teaching still rings in my heart today…I loved that you painted…it was an extension of you that i admired …thank you again…lv nancy


  3. As Br. Wolber sang for us in church yesterday, memories flooded my heart. I love to remember those days when you and he sang duets and blessed our hearts, when the auditorium was packed & jammed with people (although I always felt smashed in the hallways), when Br. Hyles blessed and convicted and brought gales of laughter with his great preaching!! As always, your devo today was a great & helpful reminder.


  4. Mrs. Hyles,
    I just want to tell you what an inspiration and example you have been in my life. You probably don’t remember me – in 1997, while studying at Hyles-Anderson, my husband died suddenly. Later after Dr. Hyles passed away I would look at your countenance and find courage. Thanks


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