March 9, 2015

Happy Monday.

Did you remember to “spring ahead” Saturday? Me, too, but I don’t feel the spring. I’ll adjust!

Recently, as I drove on our toll road to church, a sign flashed over the highway. It said, “Don’t Wreck Your Life.”

Seconds later came the rest of the warning, “Drive Now, Text Later.”

Needless to say, it got my attention. It’s not only good advice, but it’s also the law here.

I have pondered the first part of that message for days and thought of the fact that truly it takes only seconds of distraction to cause a tragic

And so it is in life.

How quickly a life can be altered…a wrong path taken, a momentary lapse in judgment, and lives are wrecked.

We all know such cases and have watched with sadness at the outcome.

A very good example is the story of King David in 2 Samuel 11 and 12.

It all began with a brief “glance” that didn’t stop there. Soon, a second look and on and on.

And the wreck began!

Even a king had to pay the consequences, had to “reap what he sowed.”

However, I believe it is a wonderful story of redemption.

David, after confrontation by faithful Nathan, sought and found forgiveness.

Failing isn’t final!

God can and does weave it into the tapestry of life.

Out of David’s story came some of the Psalms to which we go for comfort. Could it be that each of us can in some way identify with his lapse?

His son, Solomon, wrote, “A just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again” (Proverbs 24:16). Was he thinking of his father? Perhaps!

Listen to this quotation and be touched by the truth of it.

“If God can make a billion galaxies, can’t He make good out of our bad and sense out of our faltering lives?
Of course He can. He is God.” –Max Lucado

8 thoughts on “March 9, 2015

  1. Mrs. Hyles, I didnt realize how much I myself was going to need this little devotional on March 12. My husband Victor Hernandez was the Spanish pastor under your husband for almost 13 years. He was killed on March 12 in a tragic car accident and went home to be with the Lord. It is been a difficult time for me and my daughters. I have lost my husband and my best friend. But I know God is going to strengthen me and help me get through these difficult times. I ask you to pray for me and all of the decisions I need to make now as I try to finish raising the last two daughters that are in college and the last one who is in high school. I know everything happens for a reason and that God is in control. And I think you, Mrs. Hyles, for always being an example of strength in the Lord for me God bless you April Hernandez


  2. “I’ll adjust.” This short little sentence at the first of your blog spoke volumes. That explains how you’ve kept going all these years. You could’ve quit or got bitter, but instead you’ve remained positive(adjusted) – and kept your eyes on the road. So thankful we have you to share your godly wisdom with us each week. I love you!


  3. Dearest Mrs Hyles,

    It is late in the day, and I have just read this. But oh, how pertinent it is! Being in church and under great, red-hot preaching reminded me yesterday of how easy it is to get “off track”. Reading Mrs Gray’s comment was also very helpful! When we do things by habit, instead of by chance, they become a “rut” that we would never wish to get out of. So many times a rut is thought of in a negative way, but I love the positive twist on it.

    This may seem like a little thing, but I think it bears mentioning. My Grandmother Berry lived to be in her 90’s. She was a woman who saw many heartaches, her husband died as a result of complications in WWII. She never re-married, and raised two girls on her own. They (my mom being one of them) in one respect forfeited their childhood, as he died when they were quite young.

    Where is this going, you say? I’m glad you asked! 🙂 Reading your blog touched my heart in another way today. I was picturing you, dear lady, driving down the highway. It just tickled my soul! My precious Grandmom drove for years, and she would drive from PA to ME, just to visit us 3 girls, my Dad, and Mom. It brought back some precious memories, reading you tell that you saw those signs out on the highway. What a blessing to my heart today.

    Thank you also for the precious note card! I cannot tell you how much it meant to receive it. It was better than winning the lottery…(if I played that is) and you should have seen my face when our daughter, Charity, handed it to me. I am so glad you had time to send it to me, and I will put it in a very special place so I can show it off in years to come.

    Have a wonderful week!

    Your friend,
    Mrs Linda G Rogers


  4. Mrs. Hyles, Yes, we did remember to spring ahead!! Now that we live in Florida…we are already having periods of summer weather which is nice also! Read and appreciate each message you send…always filled with so many words of wisdom, thank you! Will always be deeply grateful to Bro. Hyles who helped me through a failed marriage so many years ago and helped me get back on track again.
    Thank you for your influence still…love and appreciate you so much!!
    Mrs. Adrienne Ericson


  5. Good morning Mrs. Hyles. I did spring ahead but ever since I did it has rained and rained. LOL. Thank you again for another Monday with Beverly. I agree with you that one little mis-step can cause a life to go out of control. They say that a rocket headed to the moon, if it is off by as little as one inch will miss the moon completely. Bro. Hyles used to tell us in chapel at Hyles-Anderson College,” DON’T BREAK STRIDE.” Whatever we are doing that is right just keep on doing it. Some will say I feel like I am in a rut, but after time that rut will be very deep and help us daily to stay on track. The rut is our safety and help in a time of need. We are still going to blow it once in awhile, but if we run back to our RUT all will be well for the present anyhow. I thank you for your wisdom in preparing the Monday with Beverly blog. Wish I had had your blog to learn from when I was a young Preacher’s/Pastor’s wife. I would have still made mistakes, but not as many as I did trying to do things my way. That “MY WAY” never works out. God bless, take care, and love ya lots.

    Mrs. Lee Ann Gray


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